Web Content

Our patent pending technology utilizes your functional web content, or web app and turns it into an app for posting to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

This means you are able to concentrate your efforts in a single code base. You can also continue to use to web server platform as we are web language and platform agnostic.

Integrating our push messaging through the API allows you to include a full cycle messaging system that doesn't require you to build and maintain your code base and doesn't require you to aquire and maintain the required messaging servers - all for a very reasonable price.


Our pricing model lets you turn your web content/app into apps for Apple App Store and Google Play.

Our standard pricing for non-subscription free to use web content is $1500. Push messaging for your app is $100 per month.

We have special bundled pricing for not for profits and startups.


We are currently recruiting Resellers and Master Resellers. Resellers are able to sell Splinge™ licenses and subscriptions.

Talk to us about these opportunities and see how rewarding our Reseller opportunities are.

Are you outside of the USA - feel free to contact us.

Do you need an app/push messaging partner? We can partner with you and save you the cost of multinpe code base development.

Brown Box Software: Disruptive solutions

We are already disrupting the app market and we have new technologies on the horizone that will take app disruption to the next level.

Brown Box Software is able to help your business move into the App markets.

Our goal is to enable your company to compete with the big boys at a fraction of their budget.

Marketing and reaching your audience through an app and creating a complete integrated messaging platform is a must have in these times.